Best Gaming Chair Under $100 (2023): Best Budget Gaming Chairs

best gaming chair under 100

A good gaming chair completes your gaming setup. If you are looking for the best gaming chair under $100 in 2023, below mentioned are 10 of them. They are cheap and worth the investment.

Gaming chairs can be expensive at times, this is because of the features and comfort they bring with them. However, if you are setting up a gaming setup within budget then you need to go for an affordable gaming chair. Any chair somewhere below 100 bucks will do the work. PC gaming chairs under 100 may lack some high-end features but they still come with enough comfort for long gaming sessions.

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Editor’s Top 3 Picks

best gaming chair under 100

Homall Gaming Chair

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back

OFM Essentials

affordable gaming chair by essentials

Essentials Racing

Budget Gaming Chair FAQs

You may want to clear certain things in your mind about a gaming chair. Below, we have tried to answer a few important questions regarding gaming chairs. Things like why do I need a gaming chair and what are the famous brands, are important to know about. It will make the process of buying a gaming chair easier.

Why do I need a gaming chair?

Gaming sessions can be very long at times. Some professional gamers play and stream online for 6 – 8 hours continuously. In order to feel comfortable throughout these sessions, you need to use a good gaming chair. Besides, there are certain issues like blood circulation and body posture, etc which are easy to deal with, if you own a gaming chair.

In addition to this, for PC gaming you obviously need something which will make all your gaming moves easily. A gamer needs to reach out keyboard, mouse, Earbuds and other peripherals simultaneously. This is where you need an ergonomic chair which will make your gaming more fun and easy.

What are different types of gaming chairs?

One may also want to know about what are the types of gaming chairs and how they are different from ordinary chairs. A gaming chair is different in many ways. Since it is supposed to be used for long-duration, therefore it comes with extra support for your body. An example could be the headrest and lumbar support for your back. Moreover, many gaming chairs are high-back, this is because at times you may want to sit back and put the keyboard on your legs. Ordinary chairs do not let you enjoy it as such. Additionally, some good gaming chairs also come with features like headphones, mic and other USB connectivity options.

Now, what are different types of them? Mainly they are of two types. One is a PC gaming chair and the other is a platform gaming chair. A PC gaming chair resembles an office chair in the first look. It has wheels, gas lift, tilt-able backrest, etc. But it comes with extra features like high-back and special supports. Whereas a platform chair resembles a rocking chair in design. This is because for platform and console gaming all you use is a controller. Therefore, you do not need special handles for sitting upright at your computer desk. One can relax, sit back and enjoy gaming on a platform rocking chair.

What are famous brands for gaming chairs?

Some famous manufacturers who make the best gaming chairs are Secretlab, DXRacer, and Arozzi, etc. These brands always come up with some of the best and well-known gaming chairs. But because here we are talking about best gaming chairs under 100, this is why you won’t find gaming chairs from these brands. There are some other brands known for making budget gaming chairs. Brands like JUMMICO, Devoko, BestOffice, and GTPOFFICE are well-known for manufacturing gaming chairs that are good quality yet affordable.

Does a gaming chair help to resolve back pain?

The human body does not like it when putting it to the same posture for a longer period. It is good to stretch around and change body position. This way the blood circulation gets better and the nerves are back to active. So yes, a gaming chair can help reduce back pain because it comes with lumbar support for your back. Your nerves do not get disturbed and the blood circulation is normal.

What should I look for in a gaming chair?

Now there are certain factors involved in choosing the best chair for gaming. As a gamer, you know better what you need. But we still have mentioned some important things to keeping mind while buying a gaming chair, newbies can take benefit from it.

First and foremost, you need to check the backrest of the chair. The backrest should be high-back or medium level. And, it should have a good angle of tilting. Anything ranging from 90 to 145 degrees is suitable. You may find gaming chairs that can go way back to 180° but that is not important to have.

Next is an adjustment, your gaming chair should have a smooth gas lift system with an adjustment level of 17 inches to 21 inches. This is the optimal height for any gaming setup and any gamer. Anything too high or too low could become an issue. You also need to make sure that the swivels or wheel of your chair can rotate at 360° which ensures easy and multi-directional movement.

Another important thing is the foam padding. It should be thick enough to give you support for long hours. Chairs with thin padding can become hectic at the time. They are usually good when you sit straight but bad when you tilt back and go into a more relaxed posture. Besides, the material covering these foams or in easy the fabric used is important to consider too. Leather is a good choice, it is easy to clean. In these affordable gaming chairs, you will mostly get PU leather which is synthetic leather and is a good option to consider.

Finally, there can be some extra additions in your gaming chair like headphones and microphone support, etc. If you need such factors you must check them out and see if they fulfill your needs. But these additions obviously come with a raise in the price.

Best Budget Gaming Chair 2023 Reviews

1. Homall Gaming Chair

best gaming chair under 100

On top of all, the Homall Gaming Chair is the best budget gaming chair that comes with immense comfort and flexibility options. It comes with hard shaping foam which does not change its shape with time. This means that the shape stays intact throughout the use. Additionally, the material used is anti-oxidant, so your chair’s foam will never use any of its internal cells in foam.

It is available in four colors which are blue, red, white and all black. Moreover, as any good gaming chair will have, it has multi-directional wheels for easy movement and the seat height can go from 17.3 inches to 21.5 inches. This best cheap gaming chair under 100 can support up to 300 lbs of weight and the gas lift is class 3 verified. It also comes with headrest and lumbar support, which will make you feel relaxed even after a long use. But the best thing is the tilt locking mechanism for the back of the chair, you can lock the back anywhere between 90° – 180°.

This gaming chair has a full steel frame that ensures durability. The armrests are comfortable too. All the foam is covered with PU leather which is skin-friendly and does not degrade easily. Finally, after all the features and comfort it can be still bought for under $100 which is insane.

2. OFM Essentials Collection High-Back

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back is where quality meets value – taking the desk chair to a whole new level with the ESS-3085 series. The High-Back Bonded Leather Gaming Chair was designed with amazing ergonomics in mind. With contoured segmented padding, a high back, and integrated headrest and lumbar support, this chair provides high-end performance comfort whether used during intense gaming or long daily work activities.

The thickly padded armrest can be left down for upper body support or flipped up to allow for uninhibited movement whenever you need it. Additional features include adjustment of seat height, tilt-lock/tilt-tension control, and 360-degree swivel. SofThread Leather and contrasting color mesh upholstery complete the modern, high-quality feel and look. This chair is backed by our Essentials by OFM Limited Lifetime Warranty and features a 275 lbs weight capacity.

Finally, setting up the chair after it is delivered is easy as well. It comes with all the necessary components for an easy setup process. All this and it is still the best PC gaming chair under 100.

3. Essentials Racing Style Chair

affordable gaming chair by essentials

Next, up, Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair is somewhat different than normal gaming chairs. It comes with a number of extra features and different designs as well. An important thing to mention is that you can get this chair in any of the available 7 colors. This color option makes it suitable for use in places like an office or conference room as well.

The swivels come with smooth 360° rotation, which provides you with easy movement in all directions. The foam padding is thicker than usual chairs, this can be noticed with bear eyes. It is not high-back but still provides enough comfort in the headrest area. 250 lbs of weight can be handled easily at this chair and the armrests can be flipped if you don’t want them by both sides.

The fabric used is a mix of soft leather and mesh. Some parts are covered with leather whereas other parts with mesh. This gives it a good design and makes some part of the foam breathable. This way the foam can easily adjust to how you sit and which area you apply the most pressure. And as soon as you get up, the foam gets back to its original shape.

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4. JUMMICO High-Back Gaming Chair

cheap gaming chair by Jummico

The next best gaming chair under 100 of 2023, is JUMMICO High-Back, it’s an ergonomic gaming chair in true sense with maximum flexibility. You get removable headrest and lumbar support cushion. Its high-back nature makes sure your body posture stays intact while you play all your games. This gaming chair is available in two blue variants and a grey variant as well.

It’s armrests come at enough height to support your arms for perfect positioning. Besides, the wheels rotate smoothly on most surfaces without getting stuck. Like most gaming chairs, the design is a bucket seat where your back goes well inside for maximum ease and support. The fabric used to cover the foams is breathable, so no worries about sweating all your lower back and legs while playing your games.

All these features and support offered at a very reasonable price is astonishing. You get almost everything that a gaming chair needs to have except for features like headphones connectivity etc. Such features come at a price making the chairs expensive. This is the reason this JUMMICO gaming chair is cheap and affordable.

5. Giantex Executive Racing Chair

executive gaming chair within budget

This one is yet another best gaming chair under 100 which comes with good flexibility options. It is available in black and white variants. Its white variant is charming and looks good with any gaming setup but it can trap dirt easily. You’ll have to clean the chair time and again. On the contrary, the black one would not make a big issue with getting dirty.

It’s high-back in nature giving ample support to your head. The handles are attached as a whole to the base of the chair and they are padded with foam as well. This foam padding on armrests provides further comfort and support. You can adjust the seat height from 17 inches to 21 inches, as per your needs. The gas lift is smooth and works just fine. The white variant of this best PC gaming chair also makes it suitable to be used for other purposes like office and lounge etc.

Wheels are just fine for any movement on any type of surface. The only thing one may not like is that the backrest does not provide too much angle change. You can just keep it at 90° or take a few degrees back. But for the majority of gamers, a few degrees beyond 90° is totally fine. Finally, PU and PVC leather is used as fabric which is breathable and easy to clean as well.

6. BestOffice Office Desk Chair

multi-purpose gaming chair

BestOffice Office Desk Chair is one of the most sold gaming chairs under budget. It is comfortable and comes in a huge number of available colors. It’s high-back and nicely padded throughout. The foam padding never gets thin at any area of the chair, it’s thick all in all. This provides maximum support and makes it an ergonomic gaming chair. Additionally, you also get extra pieces of the headrest and lumbar support for better body fixture.

The backrest tilts nicely without getting stuck and the handles on either side can be flipped up, in case you don’t want to use them. These flip-up armrests are a nice addition in the gaming chair. At times you may not want to use them. This can be mostly in your office because it’s a multi-purpose chair, not just a gaming chair.

SGS gas lift has been installed in this best PC gaming chair under 100, it ensures smooth adjustment. A maximum of 250 lbs of weight is bearable at the seat which is a normal range for almost all gaming chairs in the market. Moreover, the foam padding quality is just amazing. It does not sit low with time, as soon as you get up from your chair the foam gets back to its original position.

7. X Rocker V Rocker Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker V Rocker Video Gaming Chair

For some, a floor gaming chair might be the best option because of console gaming. If your gaming does not not involve mouse and keyboard rather a joystick then a floor gaming chair is what you should be more interested in. Although, you can still go for a normal PC gaming chair because it all depends on your ease of use. X Rocker V Rocker is a kind of gaming chair which you can also use for other things besides gaming. Things like watching a movie or normally using it in your lounge.

We’ll be talking about its comfort in a moment. But there is another interesting in here which is the wireless audio transmission. The chair comes with two speakers near the headrest area and a subwoofer in the back. This way you easily get the sound of your gaming and the bass from subwoofer hits your back which itself is fun. So, it can be easily connected to the source for wireless transmission and there won’t be any need for extra speakers.

As for the comfort, the material used is pretty comfortable and is breathable as well. Besides, its rocking movement is something which won’t annoy you at all. It rather enables you to play your games for hours. Moreover, this best gaming chair under 100 is compatible with consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and other things like home theater systems and MP3 etc.

8. JUMMICO Halo Series Girls

JUMMICO Halo Series Girls

JUMMICO chairs are well known for their comfort, style, and durability. One of their cheapest gaming chairs from the Halo Series has made it to our list of best PC gaming chairs under 100. This one comes with all the perfection you will need for gaming and it is mainly focused on girls. So for girls who like playing games and are hardcore gamers, this is for you. Or it can even be a nice gift for any lovely girl you know.

The chair is made of soft cushion all around so you can sit on it for hours and there won’t be any issues. It comes with head and lumbar support as any good gaming chair will have and then there are these 360° smooth roller wheels that will work anywhere on carpets of hardwood floors. In fact, the chair can be used for studying or other purposes as well.

The gaming chair under $100 comes in two main colors which are pink and brown, both of which come with a feminine touch and would be best for female use. The back of it can go from 90°-180°, you can choose any angle in between this and go for what suits you the most. The maximum load capacity for this best affordable gaming chair is 300lbs which is quite enough for everyone unless 3 people sit together which won’t happen.

9. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

best gaming chair by devoko

This one by Devoko is the best gaming chair that costs under 100 bucks. But from its looks, no one would tell that it can be so cheap. The design and looks make it look like some high-end gaming chair. The foam padding is simply amazing. It covers most of the chairs thick at all places. A special headrest lies at the top and lumbar support at the end of the backrest. For comfort, this chair is the best option in the market.

The handles of this chair are attached at double points which makes them even stronger. These handles won’t get loose even if a big force is applied for long hours. Its backrest can go as back as 180° which is a nice addition. Plus, the headrest and lumbar both are adjustable to suit your needs. The wheels at the bottom are quite when moving and there is no chance of them getting stuck.

Moreover, this gaming chair is available in blue, white, black, grey and red colors. All these variants are the same except for the color. And to be honest, the design and color are such that all these variants look just fine. Finally, you also get extra padding besides your legs, this is for times when you may move your legs. In any position, you will still get the support for your legs.

10. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

gaming chair by polar aurora

At last, we have this gaming chair by Polar Aurora. It’s another good gaming chair within budget providing enough comfort for your gaming sessions. Like many other gaming chairs, it is high-back and obviously comes with headrest alongside lumbar support. You can get this gaming chair in blue, red or white color. All these variants look good.

Overall, the chair has an ergonomic design. The backrest can move anywhere between 90° to 180° which enhances the back support factor. The seat height is very easy to adjust and is a matter of seconds without any hesitation. Moreover, the swivels at the bottom are nice and smooth as well. They let you move freely in all directions on any surface.

Finally, the locking mechanism is good as well. You can lock it at the right angle for an active position or lock it at a lower angle for relaxing. All in all, it is one of the best PC gaming chairs which is cheap but still offers you a lot for good gaming sessions.


So, these were the best budget gaming chairs under 100 of 2023 and in-depth answers to certain questions about gaming chairs. Let us know what you liked the most in the comments section below. Till then 😉

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