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1. ASUS Radeon RX Vega 64

Best Value Graphics Card
By ASUS, Rated 4.1/5 Based on 48 Customer Reviews

best value graphics card

RX Vega 64 is so far the best graphics card by AMD. It almost levels GTX 1080 in performance and gives you a very smooth 1080p and 2k gaming experience.

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  • Best for 1080p and 2k
  • Value for the Money
  • Low FPS at 4k

Previously RX Vega 56 was almost a good competitor of the GTX 1070, but then RX Vega 64 was released and it hit the same spot as GTX 1080 by Nvidia. There can be no doubts about the best graphics cards released by Nvidia recently, they are nicely ahead of AMD graphics cards.But, when it comes to value and budget gaming then AMD is what you would like to have. AMD graphics cards offers you good 1080p and 2k performance gaming and yet they are offered at lower price compared to Nvidia’s GTX and RTX series. Same is the case with this beast here, Radeon Vega 64 by AMD.


Cores / Units4096
Memory8 GB GDDR5
Bandwidth484 GB/s
Clock Speed1247 MHz
Boost Clock1630 MHz

ASUS Radeon RX Vega 64 comes loaded with 4096 cores and an 8 GB GDDR5 memory. This alone tells us that 1080p and 2k gaming is not going to be any issue at all for this beast. Moreover, with time, it also has proven to be one of the best gpu for designing purposes as well.

It comes with a base clock of 1247 MHz and boost clock is 1630 MHz. So the fact that it is overclockable makes it even more fun.

Now about the gaming benchmarks, this graphics card here gave an average 65 FPS at 1080p, around 50 FPS at 2K and 30 FPS at 4k. Definitely the 4k FPS seems to be low but as mentioned earlier it will do good at 1080p and 2k only.

Gaming Benchmark:
After good testing, these are the results you will see.

Assassins Creed Odyssey @1080p : AVG FPS 67
Assassins Creed Odyssey @2k : AVG FPS 53
Assassins Creed Odyssey @4k : AVG FPS 35

Battlefield 1 @1080p : AVG FPS 148
Battlefield 1 @2k : AVG FPS 110
Battlefield 1 @4k : AVG FPS 69

Similarly, in other games RX Vega 64 is pretty good and up to the mark. It offers a very nice gaming experience in a very good budget.

Bottom Line

So, if you are someone who prefers AMD over Nvidia then this GPU is the best choice for you. So far, RX Vega is one of the top gpus from AMD. Besides, as seen in the benchmarks above, it can very easily handle all your gaming needs and let you win all those high graphics games.



1. Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige SP9820/87

Best closest shaver for men
By Philips, Rated 4.7/5 Based on 43 Customer Reviews

best closest shaver for men

Norelco S9000 Prestige is at the top among best electric shavers from Philips. It has been a game changer ever since released to the market and has proven to be a far better performer then its predecessors.

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  • Close Shave
  • Separate Trimming Head
  • Lift and Wake Display
  • 50 minutes run-time
  • Quick Charge in 5 Minutes
  • Price

Design & Performance

Since the release of this shaving beast, no shaver from its own company can be called better than this one.

This is because other electric shavers from Philips feel like something is missing while you hold them in your hand. Although performance wise they are always at the top. But this electric shaver has something even more. Starting at the design and ending the performance, everything is amazing. No man could deny the power this best electric razor has for men.

Alright now, its a whole metal body. Up on the top it is brushed aluminum which feels rather luxurious. You can bet it can be the next best gadget in your life. Besides the metal body, it is very easy to use. This is because of the 8 direction head movement, which literally reaches any place of your face.

Jut below the head is a rounded-corner square button which feels premium too. Below this button, you get another button where you can select from three different settings which are slow, medium and fast. And finally, below this lies the smart LED where you can see the charge percentage alongside the speed indication. A surprising thing here is that the display works with sensors, it turns on when you lift the shaver up.

As mentioned earlier, Norelco Prestige S9000 is one of the closest shavers you will get. This is made possible due to the blades on the top which are extra sharp because of Nano Technology. They are sharply cut in a way which makes possible cutting your beard closer then any other shaver can do.

But sharp blades need to be protected in a way so your face is safe too. This has been made possible by introducing very comfortable rings on top of the blades, they make your shave safe, smooth and very quick. You don’t feel a thing and your facial hair is cut off at the very roots. And it works with wet shaving as well, although you won’t be needing it because of its default smoothness.

Here is the best thing about this best electric shaver, it can even shave a dense beard of 7 days. This is something you do not get in ordinary shavers. A dense beard of 7 days is rough and hard, but this beast easily manages to cut it off. Besides, it senses your beard density 15 times in a second and adjusts itself according to that. This feature makes sure a nice smooth shaving experience.

You also get a separate trimmer head, which you can replace wit the main shaver anytime and do the detailing after you have shaved your beard.

Now the battery life here is not exceptional but lies in the good range. It takes around an hour to fully charge the shaver and then works for somewhere between 50 to 60 minutes, depending on the speed you have selected.

But there is something unique about the charging here. First is the quick charge feature, which enables you to get a quick shave by getting it charged for 5 minutes only. And second is wireless charging which you can find in other variants of the same shaver which are SP9860/86 and SP9860/13. These models are sold at very high price compared to ordinary charging models. And this feature seems just to be a luxury addition rather something useful.

Accessories & Assembly

The fully loaded model of Prestige S9000 comes with a travel case which is very premium, a trimming head, power cord, a charging pad for wireless charging and finally a cleansing brush for your face before you start shaving.

But the base model reviewed here comes with a travel case, trimmer head and power cord only. The charging pad and cleaning brush is not included here. Other then these two things everything else is alike.

Bottom Line

Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige is a shaver full of features and power. Starting at the ergonomics and ending at its hair cutting capability, it is a beast. Its an innovative gadget which every man would love to have. The only thing one may not like is the price. But the price is not more then what it offers. It is costly, but what you get in your hands is totally exceptional.


1. Brio BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer

Best Beard and Hair Trimmer
By Brio, Rated 4.2/5 Based on 408 Customer Reviews

best beard and hair trimmer

Brio Beardscape can be called one of the smartest beard trimmers and is full of features. It comes with some very handy features like a smart display and custom speed settings. Besides, it is very ergonomic and an overall best beard trimmer.

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  • 4 Hours Run-time
  • 10 Length Settings
  • Hair and Beard Both
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Sharp Ceramic Blades
  • Price
Length Settings10 Levels (1mm – 18mm)
Time to Fully Charge180 minutes (3 hours)
Run-Time240 minutes (4 hours)
Best ForHair and Beard
Special FeatureCeramic Blades / Adjustable Speed


This best beard trimmer by Brio has recently made a mark in the market. In a few months it has proved to be one of the best trimmer, this can be seen in all the reviews, customer satisfaction and expert opinion. Looking at the all the hype, it has made to our best beard trimmer reviews as well.

Brio BeardScape comes with a good number of customization options and is a good performer as well. Besides, looking at the ergonomics, it is no less than beard trimmers from big brands like Philips and Panasonic. Moreover, it is not just a beard trimmer, it proves to be a good hair trimmer as well.


Talking about the grip, it is very nicely designed for easy use. No matter if you use it from the front or sideways, you will never face difficulty. Also all the buttons and display is placed at the front side, which makes it even more easy to use.

Above all are the ceramic blades used in this trimmer. These blades are more sharp than usual blades and are safe for your skin too.

The top button initially may seem like a power button but, it is not. It is sort of slider which gives you the option to choose 4 different length settings. Just below this button is the plus and minus button using which you can set the speed of the trimmer. Below this, is the power button. And then at the very end lies the display where you can see a number of things.

Finally, there is a very nice travel case included in the package, which makes it even more better.


Talking about the the customization and length settings, you can choose to select from 5 different speed settings and also choose from a wide number of length settings. Initially you can select 4 length settings with bare blades without guard, these settings start at 1.0mm and end at 1.9mm with a gap of 0.3mm.

Besides these, you get 8 different guards which are 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm. So overall, you get to choose from 10 different length settings. Looking at the length settings, it gets quite clear that using this best beard trimmer you can go for a stubble or clean trimming.

The battery life of this trimmer for men is pretty good. It takes around 3 hours to get fully charged and then works for more than 4 hours. Such battery timing can be rarely found in trimmers, because 4 hours battery means around 12 usages in a single charge.

Finally, there is a LCD display as well which tells you a lot. On the top there are five circles which show the load on the trimmer. First three circles appear in white and the last two in red. If the display shows red circles as ON, this means your trimmer is under high load and needs to be cleaned or oiled.

Below these circles you will see RPM which changes when you change the speed settings. Below the RPM is the battery indicator which shows you the remaining battery life in minutes.

Last but not the least, you get a charging stand, travel case, power cord, cleaning brush and 8 different guards for different lengths.

Bottom Line

Brio BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer is a real thing, one can simply not deny its importance. It’s very good in performance, customization and the battery life as well. As mentioned earlier, it recently made the hype in market and has been people favorite ever since.


3. Brew Express BEC-110BS Countertop

By Brew Express, Rated 3.7/5 Based on 226 Customer Reviews

best coffee maker for strength control

Brew Express BEC-110BS is a little different than conventional drip coffee makers. Here you don’t have to add water manually and do not worry about all the mess which other coffee makers make. It’s an easy to use best coffee maker.
  • Automatic Water Supply
  • Programmable
  • Single / Full & Half Carafe
  • Requires Less Space
  • Thermal Carafe
  • No Water Spills
  • Costly
  • Lakes Brew Strength Control


As mentioned earlier. Brew Express BEC-110BS is different from conventional coffee makers. This is because it saves you from all the mess made while adding water and removing the carafe etc. This best coffee maker here has automaic system for adding water and special sensors to make sure no drops of water are spill here and there.

Besides this, it is very good at brewing having all advanced mechanisms. Gives you a lot of customization options like you can choose to brew 1 cup, half carafe or full carafe. Additionally, it also has a timer which makes it a programmable coffee maker.

It brews your coffee faster then other coffee makers and still gives you your best cup of coffee.

Here is one of the best thing about it. It gives you hot water on demand. Which means you don’t have to wait for the water to get hot and then brew your coffee. It always has hot water for you, you just have to wait for w while to get the coffee brewed nicely.

Parts, Material and How to use?

breville the grind control parts

Brew Express Countertop is a very handy coffee maker. It comes in with a ton of good options and is very easy to use.

First thing first, before you think about getting your coffee ready, you have to connect it to a water supply. It comes with its own pipes and quick connect valves. These valves are very easy to connect, anyone can do it in a matter of time. You have to connect one end to the tap or refrigerator water supply line and the other end at the bottom rear of the coffee maker. That’s it you are now all good to go.

On the top is the brew basket, you can add your coffee grounds here once the water supply is connected and ready to go. The basket is very easy to remove and place back, and it uses paper filters inside. Below the brew basket is where you can place your cup or carafe. You can select to chose from a cup, half carafe or full carafe from the buttons at the bottom.

The best thing here is that infrared sensors instantly gets to know if you remove the carafe or cup and the water immediately stops pouring, and there is no mess at all. Plus the carafe here is a thermal one and keeps your coffee hot for along time.

Just below the carafe is where all the buttons and a smart LCD is placed. This is where you can set all the options like timer, capacity and power ON/OFF.

Bottom Line

Why should I buy Brew Express BEX-110BS Countertop?

This best coffee maker really makes the process easy. Adding water is always a problem, you have carry around mugs or jugs to fill the water reservoir in the coffee machine. But this one fills it automatically, and even keeps the water hot at all times so you can get your coffee much quicker than other coffee makers. Additionally, it brews you coffee at optimal temperature as per industry standards and brews it perfectly.

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