30+ Website Owners Reveal Why They Prefer MacBook Over Windows Laptop

mac vs windows

Mac vs Windows has always been a hot topic. You will easily come through fans of both sides. But you never get good logical reasons for why one is better than other.

There could be hundreds of reasons for preferring one over other. But, I thought it would be great to know from some experts about why would they prefer a MacBook over Windows Laptop. Of course these answers are only related to work/business use, because the question I asked these experts was,

Being a website owner / manager, why would you prefer a MacBook over a Windows laptop?

I reached out over 200 website owners/managers and got reply from around 50 out of which 21 were Windows fans and the rest answered my question.

This time my roundup only features those who prefer a MacBook. Hopefully my next roundup will be for Windows fans.

According to the answers these were the top three reasons for preferring Mac over Windows.
1. iCloud (Sync works best)
2. Virus Free (Doesn’t Crash)
3. Speed (OS is Faster)

Besides these top reasons there are many other interesting reasons. But I found these two to be the most interesting.
1. Special Applications (There are certain applications which are made for Mac only and they are best at what they do)
2. Stand By Mode (MacBooks are turned-off or restarted by users very rare, you just flip down the screen and then start from the same place where you left when you come back )
Here are the answers of all the experts who replied.

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1. Minuca Elena
Minuca Elena
One of the main reasons I would prefer a Macbook is because it’s simply a reliable piece of gear. I can open and close it, to pause or continue work and not have to worry if my work will save or end up lost. You can use it for months restarting it even once.

This helps me do vast cycles of drafts, notes, onsite edits, and learning on the go as I travel, which is something I do quite often. In my experience, Macbooks barely crash, which is not something I can say for my old Windows laptop. The main reason for me is that it’s a laptop I can rely on.

Another huge benefit is the ease and joy of use. By that I mean the slick and easy-to-carry design. Compared to most PCs, Macbooks are light and simply joyful to use. This is where design and usability come in play. Now I simply can’t imagine to revert back to a Windows laptop

Zac Johnson
When I first started making money online back in the last 90s, I was a die hard Windows desktop guy. Then in 2006 I wanted to try out a Mac (desktop), and I never went back! I now have multiple Macbooks as well. I personally like the speed, cleanliness, and improved product and technology over the years. However, I could see ChromeBooks gaining in more usage, as there isn’t much need for software since everything is now in the cloud!
3. Srish Agrawal
Srish Agarwal
As someone who started an online design company, using Macs have always been in our best interest. When using Macs, we been able to find more applications and hardware that can improve our overall workflow and quality of work. This is something that we have seen across a wide range of in-house and outsourced designers as well.
4. Gil Gildner
Gil Gildner
I use a MacBook Pro because of longevity. I’ve had four Macs throughout my life, and every one has lasted over four years.

I prefer Macs because the resale value is so high. Even though you might pay $2k for an Apple laptop, I’ve never sold one for less than $1000, even four or five years later!

I’ve found that I personally find it’s easier to develop within a UNIX environment on a Mac. I love the Apple command line!

Lisa Stentvedt
As a travel blogger, I bring my MacBook with me wherever I go, and have been an avid MacBook fan since I was a teenager. My Air is extremely light and easy to carry, yet powerful enough for all my writing/editing/researching needs!

My favorite thing about it, and one of the main reasons I prefer a MacBook over a Windows laptop is the ease with which all my Apple products are linked and work together. So my iPhone, MacBook and iMac back home are always in sync and making sure my workflow is up to date!

JB Macatulad
I used to be a Windows user for decades but I switched to a MacBook Pro about six years ago and I haven’t looked back since. MacBooks just seem easier to use overall. I was hesitant to make the switch at first because I didn’t want to learn a new operating system but transitioning wasn’t difficult at all.

In fact, it was so easy it made me regret not doing it sooner! Aside from being more user-friendly, a big advantage macOS has over Windows is that it seems to be relatively virus- and malware-free. That used to be a big concern for me when I was on the Windows platform but not anymore.

David Stock

MacBook is hands down the only way to go for some one who is running a creative business. I’ve switched over because windows could not run my video editing software well, and since then I’ve been a beliver that you go with the true work house that and take on what ever project you throw at it.

Nicolas Brenan

The MacBook touchpad means I don’t need a mouse. It’s such a versatile feature meaning I can do everything with one or two fingers that’s would otherwise be achieved only with a mouse on a Windows laptop. This might seem like a mundane thing but seriously I would now never go back to a Windows laptop almost solely because of the MacBook touchpad.

The iCloud connectivity means all my Apple devices sync seamlessly with documents and photos.

Andre Arriaza

I prefer a MackBook because it is cheaper, indeed this is true, a Windows Laptop needs to be replaced after 4 years, while the MacBook last a lifetime, this is my 7th year using it, and still runs like the first day I bought it, so if you consider the initial higher investments, it compensates enormously in the long run.

As well, the MacBook being part of Apple’s ecosystem, works seamlessly with my telephone (iPhone) and tablet (iPad), and I really don’t need to worry about which device I am using as everything, from music using headphones to working files is synchronized, and well secured by Apple’s team who are running constant updates for users like me.

Ernest Shahbazian

Integration with my mobile devices (i.e., phones and tablets): I love that I can receive and reply to my text messages on my computer. Also, smaller tasks like tethering and FaceTime work seamlessly between devices.

Quality of hardware: Since transitioning to a Mac, I have found that I don’t need to upgrade or replace hardware as often when using a Mac. I wouldn’t consider myself a power user, but I definitely push my MacBook Pro to its limit when editing 4K video. Also, the quality of the components seems to be higher on my Macs than my previous PCs (which were less expensive).

Speed of the OS: When I was a Windows user, I noticed that OS upgrades would slow down my computer. However, Mac OS upgrades seem to do the opposite!

Jon Brodsky

We’re focused on Macs at finder for a few reasons
First, they simply break down less often, and there’s less an employee can do to modify it to cause it to break

They feel more premium to most of our employees than a comparable Windows-based laptop, which helps everyone feel like we’re invested in them more

We’ve found that our MacBooks last for 3-4 years, while comparable PCs last for closer to 2-3, making the price advantage for PCs moot.

Nick Le

As a photography blog owner, I prefer to use a MacBook over a Windows laptop because of a couple different reasons. For one, I rely on my iPhone quite a bit for visuals and to run my blog’s social media accounts. To have both my iPhone and MacBook integrated with each other has helped so much when it comes to syncing files, photos, and apps. Having one ecosystem like iOS just makes life a lot easier and I can move files more efficiently.

Another reason I prefer using a MacBook over a Windows laptop is because of how simple a MacBook is to use. It is incredibly user friendly and to run a blog, I don’t need any fancy applications. I need a simple machine that is reliable and provides me with the necessary tools to create the best content I can possibly create. Less is more and that’s one thing I love about the MacBook.

Lilach Bullock

I’ve been using Mac laptops and computers for years now and I honestly don’t think I’ll go back to Windows anytime soon. For one reason, I find it so much easier and more intuitive to use but most of all, my MacBook has always been faster, slicker than Windows laptops I’ve tried over the years. Of course, this is just a personal experience, but I’ve also found the Mac OS much better for my own needs than Windows.

Doyle Bühler

A Macbook/OS allows me to quickly transfer files across any device – iPad, iPhone, Macbook. This helps in keeping everything properly organized and able to add flexibility as to how things get completed. I don’t really need to worry about what files or apps I need, just how they actually “happen”.

Edward Sturm

I prefer a MacBook because it’s safer and less frills.

I prefer the UX on a MacBook over a PC and find that it’s much easier for writing or editing long form content.

Most important to me, however, is the speed and again, safety, that comes inherent with Apple products as they’re closed networks. When I’m working, I want to focus on my work and not get distracted about the health of my computer.

Sean Si

Crash Rate – Comparing the times that my Windows laptop crashed to the times my Mac crashed, the numbers are far from each other. As most Mac owners know, Mac rarely crashes and when it does, it just means that the Mac is at the end of its lifespan or something is broken in its hardware.

Connection to Mobile – Having a Mac entails extra benefits if you have other Apple products such as an iPhone and an iPad. Because you can integrate your Mac Laptop to your handheld devices. This means that if you don’t like checking your files in your laptop, you can check it through your iPhone or iPad.

Battery – Macbooks are often advertised as having long battery life that can last most users for the most part of a day. This is beneficial to most bloggers since we like to be on the go for most of the day. Not having to carry a bulky power cord all the day takes a load off our daily baggage.

Usability – Most of Mac’s users begin and stay with this fantastic product mainly because of its usability. I can summarize using a MacBook in three phrases: fast, handles applications well, gets the job done efficiently.

Christi Tasker

Since 2007, I have used Macs over Windows to prevent paying monthly technician service fees to remove computer malware & bugs and resolve issues. With Mac, I do not have malware issues. In general Mac hardware is more durable in my travels. I’ve dropped Macs and only minor dings occur whereas dropping a PC resulted in replacement.

Matt Wolfe

When it comes to Mac, I’m simply a creature of habit. I’ve used them for so long now that Windows feels foreign to me. I just feel that the user experience is much more intuitive.

I also have a lot of tools that I use that aren’t available on Mac. My favorite productivity tool, OmniFocus, is only available on Mac. My favorite journaling tool, DayOneJournal, is only available on Mac. My favorite screen recorder, ScreenFlow, is only available on Mac. I can list many more but, the tools that I use and love are mostly only available on Mac.

Ashley Faulkes

I switched from Windows to Mac almost at the start of my blogging career.

I was tired of all the issues with windows machines always grinding to a halt with virus updates and the like. And just the general clunkiness of their software and hardware.

Apples are far more refined and easy to use. From the super slick keyboards (not including the newer ones that have zero travel, those suck) to a magic mouse that allows you to do special functions. Things are just easier, faster and more intuitive.

Is Apple perfect, no. But unless they go way further downhill fast, I don’t see myself returning to windows anytime soon.

Harris Schachter

I prefer a MacBook, since I find it easy to type (the pre-2017 models at least!) and use productivity apps as well. Evernote and Pocket are two of those which I couldn’t do without, and both are synced across devices for easy note taking/writing as well as bookmarking.

Chris Lee

People don’t know this about me, but I’m a hardcore Apple fan. I absolutely love Macs. I use an iMac as my main workhorse and a MacBook Air as my laptop.

My phone is also an iPhone. I am deep into the Apple ecosystem!

I love Macs because, well… for one I am in the ecosystem and I can’t escape!

The other reason is that I just love Mac OS over Windows. They are just built more efficiently in my opinion. And of course, the trackpad on MacBooks are just on another level compared to any other Windows laptop.

Jan Koch

First of all, Mac OS X gets out of its way to let the user focus on their tasks. There are very few configurations needed, especially as a blogger or website owner who mostly works on their website and wants to create content. The software simply is easy to use and runs stable, so one can focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about what tools to use. OS X is safer in terms of viruses (as it’s reasonably less distributed globally than Windows) and continues to run fast even after years of usage. My MacBook is four years old and runs smoothly, I cannot see a Windows laptop do that.

Secondly, the keyboards on MacBooks are fantastic. They have a very pleasant typing feel, which makes writing blog posts a breeze on MacBooks. When writing content regularly, one will soon see a big difference between a keyboard on a MacBook and the keyboards on most Windows laptops.

Kristopher Jones

The #1 reason to use a MacBook over a PC is to avoid nasty viruses. Nothing kills productivity more when you are writing new blog posts or trying to hit a deadline than having to close pop-ups, pop-unders and other malware related viruses. The baseline quality of a MacBook is far superior to a baseline PC. In many ways – you get what you pay for. A baseline MacBook is going to come with more system memory (which speeds up activities), hard drive space (which is less important because of cloud storage, but is necessary to back up important files), and be much more sleek than a PC.

Lukasz Zeleny

I am using Macbook for last 6 years. I would not go back to PC however I am still using PC not to forget how to use it 🙂

When you have powerful Macbook you doing everything 3 times faster. Chrome works faster, apps are in appstore if you need to buy something and finally there is no problem with updates. I love working with Chrome with plenty extensions. I have extensions for SEO, content, table copy, and more. I feel like Chrome was designed for Macbook.

Nisha Pandey

When it comes to usability, both MacBook and Windows laptops are neck to neck for offering great user experience. However, there are areas where the MacBook stands out.

It’s easier to upgrade your MacBook’s OS. Microsoft makes it complicated and fuzzy for some unknown reason. In fact, Microsoft doesn’t even give its Windows versions any consistent names.

Apple makes it a breeze to sync your projects between your MacBook and iOS device. You can work on one Apple device and continue on another one without having to save it on OneDrive.

Vladimir Gendelman

While there are many reasons to choose a MacBook over a Windows laptop such as the better aesthetics and keyboard, my two biggest reasons are that the MacBook is more user-friendly and my software such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office work better. My MacBook is faster, doesn’t break and I haven’t had a virus since I switched to the MacBook about seven years ago.

Anthony Tran

I purchased my first Mac computer about 5 years ago and haven’t turned back since. The quality of Apple products far exceeds PC computers. I’ve owned my iMac for 5 years and never had any issues with viruses or the system crashing. But, when I owed PC computers or laptops I would have to replace them every 2 years. So for the reliability and security I always choose Mac.

Dennis Seymour

I would always prefer a Macbook. Though it might look like personal preference, I always just ask fellow bloggers to just try it and see for themselves. 100% of the time, I’m right.

Everything just works better. The apps are more polished on a Mac. I do most of my writing on Scrivener and sometimes I use Byword if the situation needs it.

It’s so much easier to make screenshots, gifs and other media on a Mac. Overall, these save a ton of time for bloggers.

Sure you can do those things on a Windows machine but you save so much more time on a Mac. Booting time alone slows you down on a Windows machine.

Kulwant Nagi

The biggest reason I prefer Mac over Windows is – Flexibility and performance. After working on a Windows machine for more than 10 years, I found that Windows doesn’t have that aha feel which we feel while working on a Mac machine.

Shortcuts, trackpad, desktop switching, performance and almost everything is just amazing in a Mac machine. As a blogger, the biggest thing I need is, smooth typing and easy access of everything.I just love dock in Mac operating systems, it gives you quick access to your favorite apps.

I have personally seen a big shift in my blogging after switching to a Mac machine 4 years back. 🙂

A bundle of thanks to all those who gave their precious answers. This roundup would not have been a thing without all the above mentioned people.

Now, what do you think about which is better among Mac and Windows. And why would you prefer one over other?

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