10 Best Digital Watches for EDC 2023: (All Price Ranges)

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We have reviewed the best digital watches for EDC that have been chosen from the world’s renowned brands. Further, these digital watches are added to our list based on their excellent performance, versatile nature, and other great features. Along with this, you will find all answers to your questions about digital watches in our FAQs section.

A wristwatch has been the best ornament for a long time now. Among these, digital watches have a specific set of users who always prefer them over analog watches. Best digital watches not only tell you time but come with many other features like multiple time zones, GPS tracking, and a stopwatch, etc.

In the past few years, digital watches have exceptionally evolved. They now come in pleasing designs, unique features and are waterproof too. We have reviewed some of the best digital watches 2023 for EDC available in the market. They come from well-known brands and comprise of different price ranges.

Any best digital watch for EDC should have certain things in it. Based on the availability of these features and design enhancements, a digital watch could be called good or not. Things like dimensions, weight, straps, functional features, and waterproof nature matter the most. We have included a thorough guide towards choosing the best digital watch for EDC, so you can easily select the best one for you.

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Editor’s Top 3 Picks

best digital watch for men

Casio EDC Pro Trek

Garmin Fenix 5X

Garmin Fenix 5X

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

Timex Expedition

Digital Wrist Watch FAQs

Difference between a digital and analog watch?

An analog watch tells you time with the help of an hour hand, a minute hand, and some might have a second hand too. The dial of such watches is equally divided into 12 parts through the circumference. These hands tell you the hour, minute, and the second too. Whereas a digital watch tells you time by displaying integers on an LED or LCD screen.

Jumping onto the technical side, digital watches use quartz mechanism for telling you time. They have small quartz crystals which vibrate from the electric pulse provided by the battery source, which can be a cell, solar power, or many others. On the other hand, an analog watch can use either of the two mainly used mechanisms. One is quartz, and the other is a mechanical system of small wheels.

It is often considered that digital watches are more accurate compared to analog. And the fact exists that a digital watch can always offer other features besides only telling time. But no one denies that an analog watch is more stylish and is an important part of a gentleman’s getup. However, you can always go for the best analog-digital watch as well. These watches have both a time display screen and hands for telling you time the analog way. We have included such watches in our reviews below.

What are the types of digital watches?

Any digital watch is simply a digital watch. There are no specific different types of it. However, based on their design and features, they can be categorized into several types.

The first category can be the bulky design digital watches. These watches have a huge dial, big buttons, and an overall massive design. Many people love such design. It gives your outfit a touch of youth and a lively personality. Such digital wristwatches often come with more things than just telling time. They come with features like stopwatch, timer, multiple time zones, GPS tracking and even internal memory for storing certain numbers etc.

Another type is a mix of a digital and analog watch. These mostly have a minimal design with leather or steel straps. They are thin with an average dial and have elegant looks. Professionals like managers and business owners love to use this type of digital watch. However, this type of digital watches are always expensive because of the class and elegance they offer.

Finally, the last type can be the smallest and lightweight digital watches. They mostly have a rectangular or square shape rather than a circular dial. They still come with features like a stopwatch and timer etc. Kids and elderly people mostly prefer this type. They are cheap and good enough to fulfill a kid’s wish to wear a watch or an elder’s need to know the time.

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What Makes a Good Digital Watch?

If you want to own any best digital watch that will suit your personality and make an overall good impression, here’s what you need to check. These factors are important to think about before you choose your digital watch.


Before thinking about the watch’s style, color, and material, you should know what size you are buying. Not all people like massive wristwatches and vice-versa. For choosing the perfect size, you should know three things. First is the size of the case. This means the diameter of the dial. Some watches have a big diameter. These watches look fancy on your wrist, but only if you are not annoyed by the bulk of them.

Next is the thickness of the case. It is the measurement between the back cover and the glass of your watch. Almost all watches nowadays come with thin cases, but you can always hop over a thick one. This is why it is important to consider. And finally, the width of the straps is important too. Narrow straps are suitable for long uses; they do not catch your hair and make you feel annoyed. But they don’t look good. Wide straps are the fanciest of all, only if you are OK with wearing them all day.


The next factor for choosing a digital watch is the material of the watch. You will mainly come across steel, plastic/rubber, or leather. The dial of good wristwatches is always made of steel. Among these, some are covered with plastic, and some are left bare. The important part is the material of the straps. It totally depends on what you prefer and with what type you feel more relaxed in. Watches with leather and plastic straps are always lightweight compared to those with steel straps. However, in most cases, digital watches often come with plastic or rubber straps. But you can always find digital watches with steel straps as well. As a matter of fact, some are included in our reviews too.

Strap Type

Besides the material of the straps, the type is important too. You will mainly come across two types: the lock type and the other is hook. As clear from the words, the lock type is always hooked in. You have to put the watch around your wrist and then lock it using the clip in the strap. And the other type is the hook, where you pull straps from both sides around your wrist and then insert the hook into the hole most suitable.


As mentioned earlier, a digital watch offers much more than just telling you the time. Therefore you must know what features you need. Things like timer, stopwatch, GPS, internal memory etc. are important. And as a matter of fact, your watch must have these things because these features can always come in handy. Their importance can only be felt when you are in need.


Finally, you need to check how durable your watch is. Your watch should be made out of durable materials like stainless steel and good resin rubber. You don’t buy watches every now and then. It is something you invest in once and then use for a long time. So your watch should be hard enough to absorb minor drops or crashes with any obstacles in the way. Being waterproof also adds to durability, you might not be a swimmer, but you never know if you mistakenly drop your watch into water.

Best Digital Watch 2023

1. Casio EDC Pro Trek PRW2500R

Best Overall

best digital watch for men

Key Features: Decent design, Durable, 200 meters water-resistant, Solar powered, Backlit LCD, 31 Time zones, Tons of features

This wristwatch from Casio’s Pro Trek series is an all-in-one package for digital watch lovers. You get a ton of features and an amazing build quality. It is made out of tough resin, which makes sure the watch is durable. You can easily use it in any situation like hiking, diving or river trekking, etc. For protection, its LCD has a layer of mineral crystal over it which protects it from scratches. Also, it is 200 meters water-resistant. The diameter of the dial is 52mm, and the case height is 15 mm.

It is totally powered by solar, and you can see the battery status on the LCD too. Now coming towards its features, it has a ton of those. Besides telling you time, you also get a perpetual calendar which is valid till 2099. Two features related to time are its multi-band 6 antenna and 31 time zones. This antenna receives radio signals from different stations, the US, UK, Japan, China, Germany. This automatically adjusts the time for you. And using the international time feature, you can watch time from 31 different time zones. You can also see the time graph and moon phase on it. This is something which very limited watches show you.

Finally, you also get an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and an option to set 5 different alarms. Not to forget, the LCD also has a backlit feature. So you can quickly check the time even if it is dark.

2. Garmin EDC Fenix 5X

Digital Watch for Sports

best outdoor digital watch

Key Features: Sports watch design, Sapphire display, Map system, Sport modes, 16GB internal memory, 100 meters water resistant, GPS & Compass

The Garmin Fenix 5X is more of a sports watch. People looking for the best digital watch who are also interested in sports will find it interesting. It is an expensive one, but the features it brings are simply great. First and foremost is the great map system in it. It literally works like a high-tech GPS allowing you to see multiple routes and choose the most optimal. Besides, it is a blessing for sports enthusiasts because you can select any mode like running, walking, cycling, hiking, treadmill, and many others.

It can be connected to its own app called the Garmin Connect App, which is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. This connection can be made through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB. Using this app, you can do many things, among which getting notifications to your watch is a prominent one. It has a 16 GB internal memory that can be used for all the maps you use. Additionally, you get an altimeter, barometer, GPS, and a compass as well. Also, the battery time is impressive. On continuous use, it will end for over 12 hours.

Talking about the design of this best digital wristwatch, it is a bulky one. But not big enough to annoy you. It’s designed to stay comfortable on your wrist all day long. Its sapphire display makes sure that no daily use scratches leave marks on it. In addition, it is water-resistant at 100 meters or 10 atmospheric pressure. All this makes it one best digital watches for EDC.

3. Timex Expedition EDC Grid Shock Watch

Best Value

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

Key Features: Unique design, Durable, Budget-friendly, 100 meters water-resistant, Shock resistant, Chronograph, Other great features

Digital watches for EDC can be of different types and shapes. Some prefer the classic circular dial design, while others go for rectangular shapes like this one here. Timex Expedition Grid is sort of a nerdy digital watch. It comes with many useful features, is durable in nature, and is quite budget-friendly. It will be a good choice for outdoor use or people belonging to technical jobs like developers and computer freaks.

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch comes with customizable vibration types and alarms. It also has hydration alarms, and you can always track three different time zones using it. The watch is 100 meters water-resistant and is shock-resistant too. The chronograph is not a simple one. You can use it for laps and split times. And the countdown timer of it isn’t bad either. It has a 24 hours countdown timer which you can even stop or repeat. It displays time in both 12 and 24 hours format and the month, day, and date.

If you want to buy the best digital watch for EDC which has got everything in it, looks cool on your wrist, and at the same time won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Then this Timex digital watch is what you should be going after.

4. Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V

An all-time favorite

Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V

Key Features: Minimalist design, Lightweight, 200 meters water resistant, Shock resistant, Affordable, Durable

DW5600E-1V is the very first G-Shock wristwatch from Casio. You must have seen it a lot and the reason for it being used widely is that it is pretty basic, minimal and suitable for people of all ages. It is lightweight at 53 grams only. Despite being small and simple, it still has all the features you need in a good digital watch. It is 200m water-resistant and has got a backlight as well. And very clear because it is a G-Shock, so it is shock resistant as well.

Among internal features, you get pretty much everything. You get an alarm, countdown timer, and a stopwatch as well. And operating it is easy as well. Besides, the resin bands are pretty convenient to wrap around and are durable as well. Mineral glass is used on the screen, which means it is durable and will tolerate minor scratches. You get to watch date and time both. Moreover, both men and women use it, which means you can buy it as a gift when it comes to every day care.

Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V is one of the most widely used digital wristwatches. It is cheap and has a minimal design. This is the best digital watch for anyone whose daily routine involves roaming around and rough use of things.

5. Casio EDC G-SHOCK GA 100-1A1

Best of G-Shock

best men's digital watch

Key Features: Ana-digi watch, Attractive design, Water resistant, Durable, 29 time zones, Backlit functionality

G-Shock watches are favorite for many people around the world. There are no doubts about their style, durability and functions. G-SHOCK GA 100-1A1 is one of those best watches from Casio. It comes in many color variations but the one being reviewed is an all-black variant, the case, bands and dial all are totally black. It’s an ana-Digi wristwatch which means it is analog as well as digital. The case has a thickness of 16.9 mm which is optimal for watches having such a design. Besides, it is 200 meters water-resistant.

Its straps are made of tough resin which means they are durable. The locking mechanism is a double hook system, you have to find the best fit for your wrist and then lock both the hooks into the hole. All its buttons are springy. One can very easily use them for adjusting time or switching between the modes. You also get a backlit functionality that you can use in the dark for watching time.

On the dial, there are two small digital screens. The left screen displays time and the right screen tells you the day and date alongside the passing seconds. Among additional features, you get a stopwatch, countdown timer, 29 time zones, and an option for switching to daylight saving. Despite having an excellent design and outstanding features, it is offered at a reasonable price. One can call it the best cheap digital watch among all the watches reviewed here.

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6. Garmin Fenix EDC 3 HR

Best GPS Watch

best sports digital watch

Key Features: Simple design, Sapphire display, Durable, Water resistant, Battery life, Weather reports, Music control, Tons of other features

Sport watches are an advanced version of simple digital watches. Garmin Fenix 3 HR is one of those. It is a GPS watch which pretty much tracks all your sports activities very easily. You get many options to track any type of sports activity, be it indoor or outdoor. The design is simply good. It is comfortable and durable as well. It comes with a sapphire lens on the screen, which makes sure no scratches get onto it, and it is also very easily readable in the sunlight. The bezel is made of stainless steel, whereas its bands are made of silicone.

It is water-resistant at 100 meters, and the battery life is superb. It can easily go over 16 hours on GPS usage. You also get a heart rate monitor, which it senses from your wrist using the sensor at the backside. This wristwatch can be connected to Garmin Connect App, where all your data can be transferred via Bluetooth. Inside the app, you can do a lot, like tracking your daily activities. You can also use it as a smartwatch, all your notifications can be caught on it, and you can also accept or decline a phone call.

Additionally, there are some other cool features that you would definitely love. These include a compass, barometer, weather reports, music control, and a calendar. All in all, Garmin Fenix 3 HR is one of the best digital watches for EDC to have in 2023. It always comes in handy no matter what the time and situation. And the price is very much reasonable compared to other sports watches in the market.

7. Casio EDC G Shock Stainless Steel

A stainless steel G-Shock

best steel digital watch

Key Features: Stunning design, Solar powered, Water-resistant, Affordable, Stainless steel, Countdown timer

G Shock wristwatches are mostly made of resin, and they are well-known for sports usage only. But very few people know that they also come in steel looks. This digital watch by Casio is a stainless steel G Shock. It can be the perfect choice for those who love G Shock but can’t use it with a formal getup. Because this one is an ideal fit for both sports and formal usage. The bands are made from steel and the case itself is a mix of steel and other materials. Overall, it has grey shades, which makes it perfect to be used with formal dressing.

Talking about the features, it has everything which a G Shock is supposed to have. It is totally powered by solar energy, and the battery status is also displayed on the screen. Besides, you can also set 4 different alarms, and it also gives you an hourly signal. Additionally, you get a stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, storage battery, and an option to choose between 12/24 hour format.

This watch is 200 meters water-resistant, so you can easily use it in any weather and condition. The display is very clear. On top, you see what day it is. You will see the time displayed alongside seconds in the middle, and at the bottom, the date can be seen too. Finally, it rests in the affordable price range. For the price offered, it is an excellent digital watch to be chosen as your next-time partner.

8. Casio G-STEEL GSTS110D-1A

A Classy Digital Watch

casio steel digital watch

Key Features: Elegant design, Ana-digi watch, 31 time zones, Water resistant, Build quality

GSTS110D-1A is yet another best digital watch from the G-Steel series of Casio. It is a higher-priced digital watch for EDC. One can argue about the price, but the looks of it make it an elegant watch. Again, as mentioned earlier, the best thing is that watches from the G-Steel series are perfect for formal and sports usage. Basically, it is an analog-digital wristwatch. You could use both analog and digital screen to keep up with time.

Both the analog hands of this watch are neobrite, which means you can see them in the dark too. But that’s not it. You also get double LED lights. One for the watch as a whole and one inside the digital display acting as a backlit feature. Behind the minute and hours hands are three small screens that show you time, day, date, and other things like stopwatch and countdown timer. You also get an option to set 5 different alarms and it has 31 time zones fed into it with the city code. This makes it easy to keep up with overseas meetings.

Casio G-STEEL GSTS110D-1A is 200 meters water-resistant as most G Shock watches. Besides the original steel variant, you can also get it in two other colors. Out of these, one is metallic, and the other is all black. The case diameter or the dial size of this watch is 59.1mm, which is somewhat larger, but that does not stop it from being comfortable.

9. Suunto Core All Black

A feature rich digital watch

suunto core sports watch

Key Features: Great design, Durable, Water resistant, Outdoor watch with tons of features, Altimeter

If you are looking for a digital watch that can be a great deal for outdoor activities, this one is the perfect fit for you. Suunto Core is basically an outdoor watch that gives you a tremendous amount of information altogether. It comes in all black and is pretty comfortable on your wrist. The dial here is a big one, no doubt. Make sure you like big face watches before you buy them.

Besides time, it has an altimeter, barometer, and a thermometer as well. It also tells you the temperature, has a storm alarm, and also a sunset/sunrise feature. Additionally, you can also measure the depth while swimming. The glass on the dial is a tough one. It is made using mineral crystal which makes it resistant to minor scratches. The bands are comfortable too. The series of holes on it can fit almost any adult wrist.

Finally, you can set multiple times and dates alongside an option for choosing any of the four available languages. Compared to other outdoor watches, it is very cheap. The type of features you get here regarding the price it is offered at is pretty good.

10. Timex IRONMAN Rugged 30

A cheap digital watch

best cheap digital watch

Key Features: Sports design, Water resistant, Affordable, Affordable, Build quality

Finally, IRONMAN Rugged 30 by Timex is the best cheap digital watch. It has got good looks, features and is still super cheap. It has a sports design which most digital watches have. Plus, it is super comfortable on your wrist at all times. It is 100 meters water-resistant, so underwater use won’t be a problem at all. Additionally, you also get a stopwatch and timer in it.

The dial is backlit, so using it in the dark won’t be an issue. The bands and dial is designed to nicely fit your wrist and not annoy you at all. And you also get to set 3 different alarms on it. Besides, you can select any three time zones for keeping up with other places. Also, you can put 15 different reminders on it if you are using it for any sports activity.

IRONMAN Rugged 30 is by all means one of the best digital watches for EDC at a very low price. This one is the perfect fit for those who want to buy a good digital watch for daily use and do not want to spend too many bucks. It is comfortable, stylish, has everyday use features, and is super affordable.


These were the best digital watches for EDC in 2023 from all price ranges. You will be able to find high-end watches with good features and some other cheap watches that lack certain features. However, they still hit the best-rated category because of their durable and stylish nature.

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